How Can Children Improve their Aging Parents’ Lives? How Can You Make Your Senior Parents Feel Better?

How Can Children Improve their Aging Parents’ Lives?   How Can You Make Your Senior Parents Feel Better?   Different cultures have different attitudes towards the old age. In most countries in the West, the deep-rooted opinion is that everybody should care about their old age while they’re still young. In other words, you’re supposed […]

Common Myths and Truths About Care Giving Homes

https://www.flickr.com/photos/socialgeneral/33568765004/ Some common myths and truths about care giving homes   There are different misconceptions or myths persist about the nursing facility life. In terms of staffing, policies, procedures, and general approach to the demands of the patients on nursing or care giving homes have changed dramatically in the past decade. These misconceptions cause people […]

5 Nighttime Routines to Improve Sleep in Seniors

5 Nighttime Routines to Improve Sleep in Seniors Building a regular nighttime routine is the best way to train a restless mind to sleep. Following a certain pattern signals the mind that it’s time to sleep and makes falling asleep easier. Insomnia can cause depression, anxiety, stress, and lowered function during the day. With the high […]

Hillary Clinton, Sure – But it STILL WON’T Happen To ME

Welcome to 2013!  We thought we’d open the year by posing a question and a challenge to our readers and online community.  You ready?  OK, here we go… (by the way, this post can be seen as a Video Blog at our YouTube Channel as well…  click HERE to view it!) It could ALL CHANGE […]


I have read a couple of great and thought provoking blogs and articles recently, and saw something inspiring this morning on our local news, that are worth sharing.  They bring up some very valid points that related directly to our stance that “Aging In Place” and Universal Design is really just making things work better […]

Are you a “Retreater”, a “Bulldozer”, or an “Engager” ?

I just listened to an excellent interview online by David Solie, talking to LivHome Co-Founder Mr. Steve Barlam about what the Aging-In-Place industry refers to as “In Home Care”.  Mr. Barlam makes some excellent points and provides great insight and tips on how to approach the conversation with a parent about the beginning of and […]


THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU! Yesterday we were notified that we received a “TOP SENIOR SITE” award.  Wow, how cool is that?!  We are so thankful for our supporters and online community.  Without YOU, we couldn’t have achieved the level of awareness and the recognition that we were recently awarded.  Out of the TOP […]

Keep your PET, Keep your GARDEN, Keep your SMILE!

Listen Now: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] We had a great podcast interview today with a bright and passionate man named Ronny Wiskin.  He’s the Co-Founder of www.ReliAbleLiving.com and he’s just opening a new showroom and teaching facility in the Toronto, Ontario area in Canada.  Our conversation was exciting, passionate, and we clearly share thedesire […]

Your SEX LIFE is OVER! Mom’s moving IN…

I know, I know… the title is a bit edgy.  But did I get your attention?  I thought so. Not many people are willing to talk about some of the potential realities of “Aging In Place”, especially something as “private” as this topic.  But I am willing to talk about it.  Why?  Because it IS […]

(Day 9 of 10) EtMM’s “Daily Life Lessons” – “LIVE it, LOVE it, and LEARN from it.”

My approach to life is “LIVE it, LOVE it, and LEARN from it.” There’s no reason to go at it any other way!  Plus, it probably wouldn’t turn out any better if you did… 😉 In my humble, yet experienced opinion… So what have I learned in the last 5 years?  Here is my own personal “Top […]

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