I have read a couple of great and thought provoking blogs and articles recently, and saw something inspiring this morning on our local news, that are worth sharing.  They bring up some very valid points that related directly to our stance that “Aging In Place” and Universal Design is really just making things work better […]

Empowering Developers via Science & Psychology

As a result of communication through Linked in yesterday, commenting on a great article posted by a colleague, I ended up on the phone that afternoon for an extensive and impromptu discussion that lasted over an hour.  I was speaking with the brilliant Mr. Steven J. Orfield, owner and founder of Orfield Laboratories, Inc. in […]

Do you have “Stay at Home” Insurance?

There’s insurance for everything else.  Have you considered “stay at home” insurance? You have Insurances for: Home.  Auto.  Life.  Disability. Maybe even Long Term Care. But what about “Aging In Place” Insurance?  Let me re-define this, as “ensure” vs. “insure”, as how to ensure (or greatly increase the likelihood) that you can stay in your […]

Keep your PET, Keep your GARDEN, Keep your SMILE!

Listen Now: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] We had a great podcast interview today with a bright and passionate man named Ronny Wiskin.  He’s the Co-Founder of www.ReliAbleLiving.com and he’s just opening a new showroom and teaching facility in the Toronto, Ontario area in Canada.  Our conversation was exciting, passionate, and we clearly share thedesire […]

Your SEX LIFE is OVER! Mom’s moving IN…

I know, I know… the title is a bit edgy.  But did I get your attention?  I thought so. Not many people are willing to talk about some of the potential realities of “Aging In Place”, especially something as “private” as this topic.  But I am willing to talk about it.  Why?  Because it IS […]

Aging In Place – Incremental Improvements, D.I.Y.

I titled this blog entry weeks ago, and it sat in my “drafts” folder awaiting my inspiration.  Today I found that, as I listened to an interview video / show where the two national thought leaders that I respect most to date in the industry were sitting together on the same couch, talking “Aging In […]

Fail to Plan for “Aging In Place”? Then plan to FAIL.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin I met with my personal business coach on Wednesday morning this week.  In our 90 minute session, we wrapped up discussions about time tracking and take-aways / lessons learned, discussed the EtMM message theme, and business model / structure, among other topics both professional and […]

EtMM talks “OT’s Role” w/ Gerry Cherney of IndeBoom

Interview: w/ Gerry Cherney of IndeBoom –  Listen now: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] EtMM had a wonderful and insightful conversation with IndeBoom owner Mr. Gerry Cherney, about the role of the Occupational Therapist in the “Full Team approach” to assembling a group of professionals for a client when considering “Aging In Place” and how […]

Great “Boomer Consumer” webinar, but Where’s the Ladder Propped?

“If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster” – Stephen R. Covey I attended a very informative 90 minute online webinar today, titled “THE BIG BOOM THEORY: WHAT THE BOOMER CONSUMER WANTS”.  The information was valuable in regards to feedback from a […]

TED Talks – “Open Your EARS” Architects!

We listened to a brilliant TED Talk this morning, and it inspired this blog by confirming a stance that we have at EtMM about how designing your “forever home” (or any architectural environment in general, as Julian speaks to) is WAY MORE than a G.C. (General Contractor) telling you he can put a grab bar […]

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