Prolong your LIFE – The A.I.P. Balance of “Use It or Lose It”!

I read a bright and concise blog this week by Dr. Patrick Roden, titled The Up-Side Risk of Aging in Place.  As a PhD in Gerentology, a registered nurse, and also CEO of AgingInPlace.com (a domain he was forward-thinking enough to have purchased 14 years ago!), he’s well versed in the topic and a thought leader […]

“Aging In Place” at Home Saves $Millions$ at Work

“A Met Life Mature Market Institute study indicates lost productivity from caregiving duties costs employers up to $33.6 billion annually.” – darts1.org On our most recent Encore Living Radio show we interviewed Suzanne Perkins-Newman, CEO of AnswersForElders.com.  She stated that there were currently 42 million people in the U.S. spending 20+ hours per week caring for […]

EtMM talks “Retirement Planning” with Parker Financial

Interview: w/ Mr. Jason Parker, Parker Financial –  Listen now: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] EtMM had an exciting conversation about a topic that is crucial to our demographic and client community, ie. financial planning and wealth management for the 50+ folks that both of our organizations and business models serve.  Mr. Parker and EtMM […]

Empowering The Mature Mind “Goes LIVE” – ON AIR!

EtMM is so excited! We are now LIVE ON the AIRWAVES of Seattle Radio, to share our message with the world via our new show “Encore Living”, with co-hosts Aaron D. Murphy (EtMM’s managing editor) and the wonderful Joyce Joneschiet. ENCORE LIVING is a show about making your “second half” the best part of your […]

(Day 10 of 10) EtMM’s “Daily Life Lessons” – “LIVE it, LOVE it, and LEARN from it.”

My approach to life is “LIVE it, LOVE it, and LEARN from it.” There’s no reason to go at it any other way!  Plus, it probably wouldn’t turn out any better if you did… 😉 In my humble, yet experienced opinion… So what have I learned in the last 5 years?  Here is my own personal “Top […]

SPECULATIVE – The “Impersonal & Short-Sighted” House

Look at this photo.  What’s wrong with it?  The answer is simple, but the premise is much deeper and more disturbing… The drawer in the bathroom at my own (speculative “spec”) home, won’t open all the way when the in-swinging door to the bathroom is in the fully open position (which of course you would open […]

Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose, “Encore Careers” = A.I.P.

So I’ve just finished my most recent book (in the stack awaiting) on personal development and recommendations from the multitude of affluent friends I try to associate with as often as possible. Recommended by a friend and mentor Mr. Kevin Dunn, this book “Drive”, by Daniel H. Pink, has the subtitle of “The surprising truth about […]