Experiencing 65, as a 40 year old – The AGING SUIT

Last week I went into Seattle to the Abodian showroom.  I was invited, as an “Aging in Place Specialist” to come in and try on their rented “AGE Exploration Suit” as part of a presentation on learning more about Aging in Place and Universal Design features of their industry’s leading-edge technology, in cabinetry and storage solutions […]

I.D. THEFT: Older Americans scammed @ 3:1 rate

You might wonder, as a licensed architect, where I got such a “side bar passion” for protecting yourself and your family with AFFORDABLE ACCESS to your LEGAL RIGHTS and IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION??? Well, let’s start with my empty 401K.  What was once a 6-figure balance (lost 1/2 to real estate investing in 2007 housing fallout, then […]