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Aging in Place Influencers of 2012 by Dr. Roden

“New to the aging in place world (in the last few years, and truly breaking into the scene full force in 2012) is Aaron D. Murphy; he is an entrepreneur (loving father of 2 beautiful kids) and an Architect focused on Aging-In-Place and Empowering the Mature Mind. Speaker, Radio Host, Educator – PASSIONATE! Aaron has energy, […]

EtMM talks “Universal Design” w/ Mrs. Karen Braitmayer

Interview: w/ Mrs. Karen Braitmayer  June 12, 2012   Listen now: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download MP3 now: [] About KAREN L. BRAITMAYER, FAIA Our conversation with Mrs. Braitmayer was exciting and enlightening.  She’s an amazing lady and a wonderful resource for all things “Accessibility” and “Universal Design”.  She has a unique awareness […]

EtMM talks “Aging In Place” w/ Mr. Louis Tenebaum

Interview: w/ Mr. Louis Tenenbaum – May 23rd, 2012  Listen now: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] About Louis Tenenbaum Having done his first “accessible remodel” in 1988, Mr. Tenenbaum is a valuable national resource for “Aging In Place”, and we truly enjoyed our interview with him, offering his expertise & insight into the industry – […]

Welcome to my new blog…Empowering the Mature Mind

Why am I blogging? I have started my Empowering the Mature Mind blog for a few reasons, and they are based on my desire to share my passions and educate the public about things that I think bring value to all of our lives. I am a licensed Architect with 15 years in the industry, […]

What is “Aging-in-Place”?

Most people go through their lives each day without being aware of the fact that the world in general has been designed for able-bodied, right-handed young adults, with average height and weight, perfect sight and hearing, and the ability to verbally communicate their needs to another human being. (by the way, this post can be […]

CounterClockwise – Langer has me “thinking”…

CounterClockwise – Langer has me “thinking”… Ms. Langer’s “got me thinking”, and her famous study is over 40 years old! I’ve been thinking, in viewing the world through my own lenses of experience, that I may need to ramp up my efforts toward my first book publishing. I’m still in data collection and brainstorming mode, […]

Empowering the Mature Market: Older Americans scammed @ 3:1 rate

You might wonder, as a licensed architect, where I got such a “side bar passion” for protecting yourself and your family with AFFORDABLE ACCESS to your LEGAL RIGHTS and IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION??? Well, let’s start with my empty 401K. What was once a 6-figure balance (lost 1/2 to real estate investing in 2007 housing fallout, […]

“Got Parents?”

Do you remember the milk industry’s big push for attention: pictures of famous faces with obvious milk moustaches. Those stick with you – as good advertising should. What will be the next “Got milk?” campaign? Consider this: “Got parents?” Of course we do! Most of us have thought about our folks and where they are […]

Creating Products for Boarders, or Boomers? (a story of the Scion XB)

I read a great article 3-4 years ago, telling of important “accidental” lessons learned by Toyota related to the intended client of the Scion XB, vs. who was actually buying the product. Having been the architect/designer at the time for a Scion Showroom conversion within an existing Toyota building that didn’t have a space for […]

Once you fall, it’s TOO LATE to “plan” for Aging-In-Place

Yesterday morning, at the first Kitsap county Urban Land Institute (ULI) Conference, as I ascended the two steps to the stage and podium, I CRASHED and FELL. I was the last of four panel expert speakers for the event, and I think this “shook off” any breakfast food coma that may have been settling in […]