Guest Blog: Receiving Assistance without Sacrificing Independence

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There’s nothing quite like the helpless feeling of watching your own self-sufficiency slip through your fingers. After all, as adults, we value our confidence, vibrancy, and self-reliance. However, it is natural that, with age, you or your loved ones may find that you need a little more assistance with things that are seemingly simple in nature.

However, keep in mind, that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Furthermore, there are plenty of solutions at your fingertips that can assist with providing you a supportive hand while still empowering you to have control over your life. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but some caregivers and seniors have found the following ideas helpful.

1)      Senior Care Non-Profit Organizations

If you are blessed to live someplace with access to these organizations, use them; they are fantastic! “Staying in Place is one that serves seniors in Woodstock, New York. For a minimal annual fee, volunteers provide help with paperwork, information, transportation to a variety of activities, and referrals to low-cost solutions for those who need more care. Check to see if such an organization exists in your location.

2)      Meals on Wheels

Although most of us have heard of Meals on Wheels, we don’t often consider how the seniors in our lives can actually benefit from this organization. Such organizations may come under a variety of names, but they have the same basic premise: free or low-cost meals delivered to seniors’ homes daily. Young or old, who wouldn’t love the idea of a nutritious meal being dropped off at your doorstep? You can find a local Meals on Wheels association here. Some communities also have a senior center where lunch is provided for those of us who enjoy getting out of the house and socializing with others.

3)      Seniors Helping Seniors

Though they are not yet all over the United States, there are a growing number of these centers popping up. Seniors Helping Seniors matches up seniors with those in need. Some of the services include light housekeeping, cooking, mowing, and transport to the doctor. This is a great way to form bonds and to receive assistance from individuals who understand what you’re currently going through; perhaps you can even trade “services,” depending on your skills. To locate a Seniors Helping Seniors center near you click here.

4)      Helpful Technology

Technology is constantly being developed to help seniors stay independent. Although some are still in the developmental stages, like on-call walkers or automated pill boxes, some of the more simple technology is already available – the Fall Alert system is one such medical device. Seniors wear the medical alert device that has a button to be pressed when they fall or have some other emergency. Therefore, you can have the emotional comfort of knowing that help will always be on the way, regardless of whether or you live alone or not.

While many of us lack the resources to pay for 24 hour professional in-home care, there are ways to provide independence for yourself or your loved ones. With a bit of investigation, solutions can be found. 



About The Author: Rebecca Pound is a free-lance writer who spends most of her time working in Central America as a volunteer. Having grandparents that are part of the “greatest generation” means Rebecca has seen firsthand the challenges her parents face with providing care for her parents, while still allowing them the freedom they crave. 
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