“I Get By, With a Little Help from My Friends” (and Family)

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We all know the song, we all know the lyrics, and we ALL know the BAND.  Heck, I was probably wetting my bed at 2 years old, while this song was blasting in my parents married student housing apartment unit in West Lafayette, Indiana some weekend as they were both back at Purdue University to get their Masters degrees.  Now, we won’t get into what else “we were doing with our friends” back then, or in the next line of the song… that’s just not the topic of discussion for today here… (If you really know the song, you know exactly what I’m talking about though).

I love this line and lyric in the song, “I get by with a little help from my friends”.  It’s so true how helpful just a LITTLE BIT of help from others can make all the difference in the world, a situation, and an outcome.  A little bit of daily care and assistance can go a long ways toward another decade or more of independence and the ability to stay in your own home as you age.  And oh, by the way – remodeling and staying in your own home, as I’ve proven in a recent white paper, can quickly save you upwards of $500,000 DOLLARS during your retirement years if “Aging In Place” solutions allow you to stay (where you want to be) at home and more independent for another 10-15 years, “with a little help” even including a paid 20 hours of professional in-home care and assistance per week.

We all know there’s no “I” in “TEAM“, and with the tagline at ADM Architecture (our parent company) being “Listening, Solving, Creating… Architecture without the Ego”, you can probably guess we sincerely believe in this idea of “It takes a village”, especially when the topic is caring for a parent or elder family member in your home or their own home.  We are just ONE piece of a puzzle for successful Aging-In-Place as a full turnkey solution.

Your FAMILY needs to be on board and involved, your FRIENDS that visit you regularly you may want as part of the discussion, along with as many of the following professionals that you have on your own “team of trusted advisers”: We can help as your Aging-In-Place Consultant and Concierge of sorts, to assemble or add to your complete solution team any of the following professionals, due to the relationships and expertise we have in the field.  We can put together:  Your CAPS Architect / designer for the remodel, CAPS General Contractor for construction, CAPS Interior Designer for sourcing products, materials & finishes (CAPS = “Certified Aging In Place Specialist”, which we are).  We can also help with finding your / a Financial Planner, Retirement Asset Manager, Primary Physician, Occupational / Physical Therapist, possibly a mortgage / home loan specialist (maybe a reverse-mortgage works best for your situation), as well as those that oversee the clients’ medications, an AIP Product retail distributor / showroom, and the list can go on depending on your situation…

As you can imagine, this assembly of a full team and the design of a solution that works best for your or your parent takes some time to put together, work through, and bring to fruition in the built form.  So when’s the right time to start thinking about this?  NOW.  NOT LATER.  We want to talk to you in PLANNING mode, not PANIC mode.  You can still make some minor house changes AFTER mom falls and breaks her hip next year, but you can’t do it RIGHT in PANIC mode.

Doing it right means planning for “Aging In Place”, ahead of time, with foresight and with the required professionals.  If you don’t, it’s just an exercise where you have “any” contractor come put a couple of grab bars in the shower for when mom comes home.  Cheap? Yes, relatively.  So are BAND-AIDS, which is all that grab bar is by itself.  Would you put a band-aid on a broken hip?  Of course not!  So you have to make a paradigm shift about this Baby Boomer Bulge and how they are going to change the face of residential remodeling in the next 20 – 30 years.  Planned and successful Aging In Place remodeling is more like a pre-designed surgery for the house.  You wouldn’t let your uncle replace your hip just because he has a drill and a saw, right?  Well then don’t let any General Contractor or family member make these important changes to your house that will allow you to stay independent as you age.  DESIGN a solution.  HIRE PROFESSIONALS.  They’re “fee” cost will be money you save 10x over again if the re-designing of your home keeps you out of a $5,000 – $8,000 per MONTH assisted living or nursing home facility.  Don’t skimp, don’t cheat, don’t cut corners on the front end, or the “back end” will come much sooner than you want it to (that’s where you turn in your freedom and your independence and your home, pet, belongings, memories, etc…)

Get in touch with us if you think you are read to start this discussion, we’d be happy to help.  info@EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com or Aaron@ADM-architecture.com 360-440-8475.

With a Little Help from My Friends” (originally titled “A Little Help from My Friends”) is a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, released on The Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967.

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