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Yesterday we were notified that we received a “TOP SENIOR SITE” award.  Wow, how cool is that?!  We are so thankful for our supporters and online community.  Without YOU, we couldn’t have achieved the level of awareness and the recognition that we were recently awarded.  Out of the TOP 100 website, we ranked #24, after only being online as a live website for 7-1/2 months!  We are honored to receive this recognition from the Nurses Assistant Guides.

We feel that this honor of being ranked so high so early in our “online career”, is quality (and valuable) feedback from “out there” in the public, and a testament to the fact that:

1) This topic of “Aging In Place”, and EMPOWERING people in the second half of life to meet their WANTS, NEEDS, and RIGHTS, is both timely, and pertinent to the public at large.

2) Our message is providing VALUE, and adding to people’s lives though education, informative products offerings, and resources.

We sincerely hope that A) This is TRUE, and that B) You agree.

So PLEASE, keep tuning in, staying in the loop, being “plugged in” with us here at EtMM.  Also, please do keep letting your family and friends you care about that Empowering The Mature Mind is here for them, and for you!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your continued support, and sharing our message with the world!

We’re passionate about sharing our information with our community, allowing them to be empowered through education.  We do this on the topics of (and related to) Aging In Place, Universal Design, creating your “forever home”, and standing up for yourself and your rights related to how you want the second half of your life to look, feel, and be as an experience!

OUR MISSION at Empowering The Mature Mind:

“Dramatically improving our clients ability to live a longer and happier life at home.”

EtMM does this through our positive online community, where we provide our subscribers with valuable information, education, and resources – at EtMM, we are EMPOWERING you to meet your WANTS, NEEDS, and RIGHTS.

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