Hillary Clinton, Sure – But it STILL WON’T Happen To ME

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Welcome to 2013!  We thought we’d open the year by posing a question and a challenge to our readers and online community.  You ready?  OK, here we go…

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It could ALL CHANGE in an INSTANT.  Couldn’t it? (Yes is the answer, and you know that as well as I do).  One illness, one slip, one fall, one bump of the head, one time getting stuck when you can’t reach a phone, just ONE TIME is all it takes for EVERYTHING to CHANGE in your life.  We won’t readily ADMIT that we know that, but we know that.  It’s just a FACT that it COULD happen to any one of us, in any location, at any time, under any circumstances.

So this week in the news, it’s come to light that for our Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)what started as a “stomach flu” bug a few weeks ago, then resulted in dehydration & dizziness, the end result being a fainting spell where she hit her head and got a concussion.  At the follow up appointment with her physician, it came to light she had a blood clot in her head behind her right ear from the fall and concussion incident, and now she’s in the hospital being monitored for it while they work to dilute the clot.  Yes it’s true, Forbes #2 POWER WOMAN of the WORLD slipped and fell.  And it’s true she was HOME ALONE.

In mid-December, Clinton had passed out from dehydration – the result of a severe stomach flu – and hit her head while alone in her home, causing the concussion.

(Oh, but wait, it won’t / couldn’t happen to YOU though, right?  YOU’ll never become a statistic… It might happen to HILLARY, but you’re invincible and immune to the “accidents of the world”, right?  Yeah, OK, Gotcha… )

“When blood clots block vessels to the brain, stroke can occur. Pulmonary embolism occurs when a clot lodges in the lungs, which can also be fatal. Other clots pose less risk, and are often treatable…”  (click HERE for the complete article)

NOW, I’m absolutely NOT recommending that we all start today playing the role of Chicken Little and run around yelling about how the end of the world is bound to happen somewhere to someone somehow in the tone of “The SKY is FALLING”.  I’m not saying that at all.  I’m an optimist by nature, and a happy person who tends to give people the benefit of the doubt.  That’s my nature too, likely just like yours.  But what I am ALSO is someone who understands the VALUE and the COST SAVINGS of being a PLANNER.  Reaction is expensive.  Decisions in a panic are expensive.  Planning ahead, by comparison, is not.  It’s MUCH CHEAPER in the long run to PLAN vs. to PANIC.

So, in 2013 what are we asking of you?  What would we like you to consider?  We’d like to take a look at PLANNING for your FUTURE in your own HOME.  Be passionate about taking control of your own destiny and being in charge of how your life plays out.  Get out of your comfort zone (and maybe a small case of admitting some “denial”) and take a first step.  Have a professional assess your home for the needs and changes ahead for us all as things change in our lives due to age.  Did you know that glare in a 90 year old is 200x more disabling than it is to a 20 year old?  Do you understand how materials relate to acoustics and reverberation, affecting your ability to hear / have a conversation in your home?  “Aging In Place” design and “Universal Design” goes WAY beyond just having a couple of ADA products installed in your bathroom for safety.  Design matters.  Planning matters.  Big Picture and “Full Concept Integration” matters.  PLAN to SAVE MONEY, or spend more later after an accident or acute occurrence puts you in PANIC mode.  ONE of those two things will be the end result, and you are in control of the situation (for now).  EMPOWER yourself and your family to make “Aging In Place” a success.  Do it ahead of time, while you are still in control.  Do it while you still have the faculties to think clearly and plan for your future.  Do it before you are emotionally overwhelmed by an accident that occurred to you or a family member.  Do it while it MAKES SENSE, and SAVES you LOTS of MONEY in the long range view.  That’s all we ask.

Get in touch with a professional, a CAPS Architect or designer / general contractor, to work with an OT (Occupational Therapist) or PT and take a look at your home, your future, your genetics and family history.  Take a look at planning your future for success.  That’s all we ask of you in 2013.  Thanks!!!


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