Guest Blog: Tips to Keep Your Hearing Aid in Good Health

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So you’ve got yourself a brand spanking new hearing aid, and life is good again – you can hear the giggles of a newborn, the chorus of the sparrows in the morning, and the guitar solo on your very favourite song. All is well with the world.

And you want it to stay that way, right? Well, the only way to keep it on top form – or in fact, working at all for a decent length of time – then you have to make sure to clean it regularly, and ensure it remains well maintained.

Just a wee bit of moisture or debris stuck inside your hearing aid can really affect how well you’re able to hear with it, so work the maintenance and cleaning into some form of day to day routine; this way, you’ll have a fab hearing aid for many moons to come.

Overnight – Take ‘Em Out

When you’re about to go to bed, after pulling on your PJs, make sure you take out your hearing aids. Remove the ear mould from the ear hook, then use a special wax remover to take off any ear wax that may have gathered on the mould.

You should get the wax remover worked right inside the mould – this should get rid of any wax that could reduce the clarity of your hearing.

Condensation Check

It is really simple for condensation to build up inside of the ear mould. Although this probably doesn’t sound too awful, just a little excess moisture can seriously affect your hearing aids – just think of all the miniaturised electronics stuffed in there!

Take out your ear mould and look closely for any little droplets of water. If you can see some, you should make sure to get rid of them with an air blower: squeeze the end eight or nine times to ensure it’s gone. Repeat this process on the hooks.

Take Out the Batteries

The next step is to remove those batteries. Check them for any form of rusting or corrosion; this is often caused by humidity. You must get rid of corrosion; otherwise it can lead to a rather annoying whirry noise and a decreased volume of amplification.

Dip a cotton ear bud in rubbing alcohol first, then rub it alongside the battery compartment until all the corrosion is gone. Make sure to pick up some extra batteries too – find out more at

Dry As a Bone

Really, this is the most important thing. Though we’ve mentioned moisture once or twice already, it certainly bears reiterating: keep your hearing aids nice and dry!

When you’re tucked in safely in bed, pop your hearing aids into a little jar of Dry Aid. This substance should be available at your local audiologist’s or chemist’s, and will get rid of any tiny bits of moisture while you’re busy snoozing.

By getting rid of this moisture every night, your lovely little hearing aids will keep ticking along for much longer, and you’ll get a much better service from them to boot!

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Tom Rokins is a freelance blogger with a degree in English and Journalism. He writes for a number of publications online and in print.
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