EtMM Podcast: CCRC’s vs. Aging In Place

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Interview: w/ Mr. Robert Love, Love and Company – 

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EtMM had an exciting conversation recently that stemmed from my asking a challenging question during a panelist webinar I’d tuned into online, related to retirement communities.  My question about “Where’s the ladder propped?” which questioned why there was a multi-billion dollar industry chasing only 11% of the population’s “wants, needs, and rights” statistically, wasn’t something that the panelists could answer in the Q&A time we had available.  So Mr. Love agreed to get on a podcast recorded call with EtMM here, to discuss and banter the pros, cons, and timing on the topic of “Continuing Care Retirement Communities” vs. “Aging In Place”.  The talk was inspiring and informative.  Take a listen!

About Robert Love, Owner of Love and CompanyRob Love

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6 thoughts on “EtMM Podcast: CCRC’s vs. Aging In Place
  • My personal experience is that CCRC’s generally help you age-on-campus rather than age in place. They seem to have a real interest in moving you along their continuum – independent units, assisted living, nursing. Many do not fully facilitate staying in independent units by NOT providing much in-home care; leaving that up to individuals to acquire and manage. Also CCRC’s in-home medical services are not fully staffed. This is not terrible, certainly better than being left on your own, but not really aging in place.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Richard, good points to bring up on this topic. We appreciate the feedback and insights you’ve provided here. Stay plugged in and keep the comments coming!

  • Ronny Wiskin says:

    The modern CCRC’s are beginning to look so much like resorts that the high cost seems appropriate. The problem is that these resorts already exist in destinations outside of North America at a fraction of the cost. So as a demographic that understands travel and 5 star accommodations, the CCRC’s will be competing with places outside of the USA or Canada. Did you know that you can buy full time living on a cruise ship for less cost then living in a “high end” CCRC? I enjoyed this interview and still see aging in place as the most realistic and grounded option for our future as the next wave of “dependency based” consumers hits the spending. I just checked Travelocity and WOW, you can get 10 days in Punta Cana for $898.00 CDN, all inclusive 5 star resort, includes air fare and taxes. Makes me think, if I were 75 and able to buy travel health insurance, this is how I would want to live. Fly home every 10 days to visit the grand kids, then leave for my next affordable paradise destination.

    • admin says:

      Good points Ronny, thank you. Your feedback and insights are highly reputable and valued! Much appreciated, and keep up the great work you are doing as well!

  • Deaf says:

    Would you please add transcripts to all of your podcasts? There are millions of deaf and hard of hearing people who cannot understand them. They also include the aging population. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Yes, we are working on a transcription relationship as we speak. Thank you for asking and suggesting it, we greatly appreciate the push and reminder to do so! Sincerely, Aaron

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