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Empowering The Mature Mind – now a LinkedIn Group!

EtMM has created a specialized group on LinkedIn, for posting and discussion from those we consider some of the best industry thought leaders on “Aging In Place” and related professions that are crucial to a successful “FULL SYSTEMS” and TEAM approach to Aging-In-Place solutions for our clients.  We at EtMM don’t feel that any one of our professional services is a stand-alone solution.  Rather, we feel the integration of multiple professions and industries must come together to resolve each client specific challenge, thereby EMPOWERING them to meet their own personal WANTS, NEEDS, and RIGHTS.

These industries that parallel and interweave into a complete and “turnkey” client solution include some of the following: Architects / Designers, General Contractors, Product Manufacturing and Elder-Technology Innovators, Financial Planners, Retirement Asset Managers, Mortgage Specialists, Elder Law Attorneys, Estate Plannes, Physical and Occupational Therapists, In-Home Care Services, Rehab Facilities and Triage services, among others that also would apply and compliment the above professional services.

CAPS (National Association of Home Builders) or CSA (Certified Senior Advisors) are a good “baseline” for additional certifications that apply to serving this demographic of clientele as well (although we are in discussion with some of the leaders in this group about setting a “new baseline” of certification and educational coursework to “raise the bar” – more on that to come in the months ahead… )

Please submit your request to join EtMM’s LinkedIn group if you feel you fit in this category, and that you can contribute high level expertise and education to the public and professionals that help baby boomers, their parents, and their children.  If you can bring valuable contributions to the group, please submit your query to join us in leading the nation and the industry into the decades ahead!

Thanks for staying informed, and forging ahead in creation of this new and rapidly expanding industry.  We are EMPOWERING our clients to make the best decisions for their own second half of life (the BEST half!).  This is the time for our clients to have the information and resources that will allow those we serve to make their own decisions, and be a part of the pro-active and planning solutions for where and how they will live, how they will receive their care, as well as what they can do to remain active, independent, and a valuable asset and contributor to our communities around the nation and the world!

Thank you very much for being a part of the SOLUTION for this “Silver Tsunami” that has crashed on our shores, and will drive many industries in their direction and adaptation for the next 20-30+ years.


Aaron D. Murphy, Managing Editor @ Empowering The Mature Mind

Owner / Architect at ADM Architecture

Please take a moment to learn a bit more about the mission and passion of “Empowering The Mature MInd” by browsing our website. Thanks! We look forward to your insight and expertise as it relates to teaching the public and other professionals that are a part of a “Full Systems” TEAM solution to successful “Aging In Place”, through consultation and coaching of our clients in a nationwide assembling of industry thought leaders that can drive and direct this industry into the future!

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