Empowering The Mature Mind “Goes LIVE” – ON AIR!

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EtMM is so excited! We are now LIVE ON the AIRWAVES of Seattle Radio, to share our message with the world via our new show “Encore Living”, with co-hosts Aaron D. Murphy (EtMM’s managing editor) and the wonderful Joyce Joneschiet.

ENCORE LIVING is a show about making your “second half” the best part of your life it can be! We’ll be sharing our wisdom and experience on the topics we know best, and we’ll also bringing the best experts in our area and from around the nation, to share their own expertise on the topics that pertain to our baby boomers and their families.

Radio Show “Encore Living” Topics:
– “Aging In Place”, Architectural and Interior Design tips to help you stay in your home and make it work best for YOU, as your “forever home”!
– Travel tips
– Nutrition and Excercise
– In Home Care ideas and options
– “Encore Careers”, business tips
– Housing Options based on your own wants and needs
– Legal advice from the experts in “second half” decisions
– Inspirational stories from other boomers
– and SO MUCH MORE!!!

We will be LIVE on the air starting September 10th, 2012 from 8-9am, and every second Monday of the month at the same time, on Seattle radio 1150am.  We’ll also be streaming online from anywhere you have your computer! TUNE IN, Take a listen, and join our radio &

online community!  Thanks, we truly appreciate it. If you are enjoying the show (and we’re sure you will), be sure to tell your family and friends about us too!

To listen to us (or even WATCH us live on air and in studio), click here: http://www.1150kknw.com/listen when we are LIVE & ON AIR

During the show, you’ll be able to click a button on the site to generate and email to as Aaron and Joyce questions – “Ask Joyce & Aaron” will be on the right side banner area. We will address your questions off air before the next show, or maybe (if it’s a HOT TOPIC) we’ll even mention you and address your question on air in the next show!


The URL homepage for our radio show can be found here:

That way, you can listen to our shows later on our show site, if you can’t tune in live…

We will also be posting our shows on our own website within a few days, under “AUDIOS & PODCASTS”  if you happen to miss it ON THE AIR.

We’re excited to be able to share such valuable information with you in our newest format, LIVE on the radio airwaves in Seattle and streaming online around the world!

Please share EtMM with your friends and family, by telling them to “get signed up” with the newsletter on our site, so they can stay in touch and “in the know” too – at www.EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com

Thanks for being a part of our community, we enjoy having you!!

Aaron D. Murphy, Managing Editor @ EtMM
Licensed Architect, CAPS “Certified Aging In Place Specialist”



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