Common Myths and Truths About Care Giving Homes

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Some common myths and truths about care giving homes


There are different misconceptions or myths persist about the nursing facility life. In terms of staffing, policies, procedures, and general approach to the demands of the patients on nursing or care giving homes have changed dramatically in the past decade. These misconceptions cause people to swing between the options of whether or not to send elderly love to a nursing home – but it is time to debunk the reality of these myths.


Common Myths about Caregiving homes:


Myth #1: A nursing or caregiving home is like hospital

One of the most common misconceptions about nursing homes is people tend to think that the facility is like a hospital – but the truth is, it is not. Nursing facilities are much different mainly because of of patients especially the elderly demands to different care from health care professionals and dedicated caregivers.

The main role of care giving homes is to make people feel comfortable, find familiar faces and continues their life activities based on their capabilities and age.

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Myth #2: A caregiving home is for very ill or very old people only

It is true that nursing and palliative care are part of caregiving, but that’s not the whole scope. People staying in nursing homes vary from different ages for various reasons. For example, caregivers and nurses in this facility could help you assist while you are recovering from a surgery or hospitalization. Depending on the type of help you will need, nursing homes could offer you that.


Myth #3: Nursing facilities are too expensive

Maybe you’ve heard about the buzz about Private senior home care and associate it with rich ladies and gentlemen being cared for in their glamorous mansions. But actually, in-home care services aren’t only available for wealthy people. Most agencies provide affordable and flexible price rates that will depend on the number of hours and the type of service you will require.


Myth #4: Once you enter a nursing home, you will never leave

This ridiculous misconception has been there for years – people believed that once they enter a caregiving home, they are not allowed to leave. The main goal of nursing facilities to rehabilitate residents in order recovery and go back to their normal lifestyle whether in-house, with family, or any other type of care community.

Aforementioned, skilled nursing communities offer temporary options for residents who may need weeks or months of assistance.


Myth #5: Caregiving homes have no privacy

Skilled and dedicated caregivers or nurses are required to know where the residents or patients are and what they are doing in order to ensure their safety. Residents normally have a right to privacy and all private staff members always knock before coming into a room. They are trained to protect modesty in certain health care events.


Myth #6: Insurance will cover everything

Remember that not all of these myths are negative. Some people believe that senior care costs will be covered by insurance – but the truth is, it hardly does. In some cases, they can only cover the first few weeks or months of stay in the nursing home and after that, all costs must be paid by the family of the resident.

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Myth #7: All Nursing and caregiving homes lack proper care for elders

You may have heard the terrible stories about elder abuse in nursing homes, the sad news is these mistreatments are true – but as mentioned earlier, not all caregiving facilities are the same. So, in order to check the facility’s credibility and to make sure they offer the best elderly care, you need to take a tour, look around and ask questions. People in the remaining days of their lives deserve to be treated and cared for; having to find the best place suitable for them is a must. Someone who would love and comfort them as a family and not a facility, so choosing the best is necessary.

Don’t settle for that specific home if you look or feel something is wrong. If any abuse happens to your loved one, learn to recognize and respond to any of these situations.



Our loved ones especially the elderly will need extra care as they are in their life’s dawn. So, once you have found a suitable home for them, you should visit them often, communicate with the home’s nurses or staffs regularly, and monitor any changes in their physical appearance and mental state.

Remember that it is their next chapters in their life; make them feel confident to tackle this with the positive transition by surrounding them with family and friends as well as giving them the best care to make them feel like home like does care for their residences.

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