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 “Age Friendly Communities” Consultant & Facilitator



Housing is changing, and so are the cities and towns that are attracting them.  They HAVE TO.  The Silver Tsunami is upon us.  10,000 people will turn 65 years old EVERY DAY for the next 18 YEARS!  The Baby Boomer and their family (parents and children) are driving the housing solutions of the next 20-30 years.  With a net worth of FIVE TIMES the U.S. average, the “Boomer Consumer” will dictate where they want to live as their last move, their “forever home”, and the community where they want to settle in and give back – both in monetary spending and with their time, influence, and resources.

Is your jurisdiction taking this into account?  

It should be.  We can help.

As a third party licensed professional, heavily trained in this design demographic, we canAgeFriendly-CoupleOnBench look at your city or county holistically with the “Eyes of the Boomers” in mind.  We can facilitate discussions and lead focus groups around your UGA (Urban Growth Area) and the associated zoning and building codes  (or help create and modify them for you) that will help make your housing developers and future buyers attracted to your community.

We can see your city through the eyes of your “new buyer”, and you should want that foresight in your own town planning forecast for the decades ahead.  A retiree that is downsizing.  An adult child over 40 y.o. that is aware that their parents may need to move in with them someday soon.  A Baby Boomer that is a planner, and wants to consider an in-home caretaker in the future.  A late career buyer who wants to be sure their next house allows them to “Age in Place” and avoid assisted living and nursing homes for as long as possible.  An able bodied buyer who is thinking about “visit-ability”Gardening-GrandpaGrandson to their home by their own friends and family members.  Housing should look different for the next 20-30 years than it ever has before.  We can help facilitate that change with your current and future housing developments, through zoning codes, builder incentive programs, and other angles that will attract the buyer that can grow your community not just in size, but in a multitude of “wealth” avenues that the Boomer Buyer and their family can bring to your town.





Having ADM Architecture (our parent company) design/consult on your zoning codes and creation of builder incentive programs will: GET YOU NEW RESIDENTS, ATTRACT BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS, and GROW YOUR CITY.


a) Professionally licensed 3rd party architect consulting with your agency and jurisdiction

b) NAHB (National Assoc. of Homebuilders) CAPS “Certified Aging in Place” consulting


a) Decreased Builder DOM (days on market) – shorter holding time/costs to the developer.

b) Offering attractive community and home designs that are flexible and plan for theMixedUse-VancouverBC future of your buyer, not just inside the house, but also in “walk-able” community and “visit-able” homes though good urban planning and civil engineering practices that equate to community and neighborhoods that are easy to navigate, understand, and stay in forever.

c) Offer future “planning based” solutions for extended longevity, independence, health & happiness in your own home, and in your own community (vs. a CCRC assisted living or nursing home solution).

d) Create trade-offs in permitting and / or “density bonuses” for builders that create a percentage of their homes as “visit-able”, or “CAPS” or 3-4 levels of “Accessible” credentialed housing certifications.

 ADM Architecture (our parent company) has the following credentials to be your “Age Friendly Communities” consultant & facilitator:

–  Over 1 million square feet of ADA compliance in commercial public building design as a licensed architect over the last 17 years.

–  17+ years of continuous involvement in the industries of both architecture as well as real estate investing in single family housing.  We understand the developer / investor perspective


–  National thought leader, recognized in the industry for “Aging in Place” design.

–  Published Author on the subject, Professional Speaker, Radio show host, regularly interviewed and quoted for articles and publications at a national level on the subject of “Aging in Place”, and how to make your house your “forever home” design, now and for the future ahead.



Get in touch with us for design and consulting opportunities on your current or next housing development project.  We’ll “pay for ourselves” in your ability to increase sales price, decrease holding costs, and set yourself apart from your competition in the residential housing market by affiliating your project with the credentials we provide!




Fill out our “Contact Us” page, and put in the subject line “ “Age Friendly Communities” Consultant & Facilitator“.  We will get in touch with you to discuss how we can facilitate setting your jurisdiction apart as an “Age Friendly Community” with ADM Architecture involved in your solutions, thanks!