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Guest Blog: Receiving Assistance without Sacrificing Independence

There’s nothing quite like the helpless feeling of watching your own self-sufficiency slip through your fingers. After all, as adults, we value our confidence, vibrancy, and self-reliance. However, it is natural that, with age, you or your loved ones may find that you need a little more assistance with things that are seemingly simple in […]

Mom’s Out of Money, Now She’s MOVING IN

This was a real phone call I received last week from a gentleman in our Rotary club.  It’s all too common nowadays with the “Silver Tsunami” and their own “Sandwich Generation” issues they are dealing with in their own lives.  We sincerely appreciated that he thought of EtMM and ADM Architecture to help him with […]

Guest Blog: Tips to Keep Your Hearing Aid in Good Health

So you’ve got yourself a brand spanking new hearing aid, and life is good again – you can hear the giggles of a newborn, the chorus of the sparrows in the morning, and the guitar solo on your very favourite song. All is well with the world. And you want it to stay that way, […]

Multi-Generational Housing is Multi-Beneficial

I love the fact that my own 6 and 8 year old have been able to get to know and spend some quality time with MY grandfather, who turned 93 last month.  I’m so blessed that Carl has been such a vibrant and alive human being for so long.  I love the photos and memories […]

Guest Blog: Coming to Terms With Disability and Setting New Goals to Strengthen the Mind

Whether it comes by disease, accident, or simply through time, the process of accepting a serious physical disability is one of the most difficult transitions anyone can make in their life. For some people, being forced to adjust to a more sedentary lifestyle is the end of the line and they end up spending a […]

Guest Blog: 5 Internal Benefits of Yoga that will keep you Feeling Young into Your Elder Years

There are so many different challenges that arise as we grow older, and the balancing of multiple medications to manage those issues can be difficult and unpleasant. Like many seniors, I am constantly looking for natural ways that I can improve my health and keep myself feeling young, and there is nothing that makes me […]

A.I.P. ain’t just D.I.Y. – It’s NOT That SIMPLE

First of all, I’d simply like to say that I’m flattered and honored that someone from the complete other side of the country has contacted us here at EtMM in the Seattle area with a question about Aging-in-Place.  I’m pleased to see that our message is spreading, and that we are “find-able” when folks are […]

Guest Blog: Popularity of R.I.C. Hearing Aids

Over the past few years, the popularity of RIC (Receiver In Canal) hearing aids has been steadily increasing. With new technology and the addition of wireless to most of the models they are becoming one of the most popular styles of hearing aid today. When buying a hearing aid, people tend to make their choice based […]

Assisted Living $4,500/month, T.P. NOT INCLUDED!?

I overheard a tough discussion last week.  A friend of mine was talking on the phone to her best girlfriend, and listening as her girlfriend (let’s call her Tara) described the horrific challenges she was dealing with in relation to her mother and the recent onset of dementia symptoms.  The symptoms, issues, and public occurrences […]

Guest Blog: Facts about Medicare Fraud Protection That Every Senior Needs To Know

Most doctors and organizations who take Medicare are honest care providers, helping give the elderly crucial treatment quickly and conveniently.  However, there are small numbers of unscrupulous people who use Medicare accounts to charge for services they never provide or are completely unnecessary.   Medicare fraud drains billions of taxpayer dollars every year, depleting funds […]

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