Business Consulting for Aging-in-Place

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There are many pieces related to being in the “Aging in Place” business.
Are you in an Industry or Profession from the list below? (or one similar to these?)
– Architects, Home Designer, Interior Designer
– Urban Planner, Civil Engineer
– Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist
– Geriatric Care Manager, In-Home Caretaker

If you would like to learn how to reach a higher level in your own “Aging in Place” business, we are offering group coaching to other business owners that want to learn how to do:
  • Educating as “the expert” via Public Speaking
  • Collaborate with others for Courses and Workshops
  • Get Interviewed for articles & publications
  • Networking – Industry specific exposure, social events
  • Social Media – Interaction and Engagement: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others
  • Communication – Style & Approach – Where to find them & How to “reach” them



Why are we in a position to “teach” this to other professionals? 

In the last 36 months, we have built our A.I.P. business to:

–  Design solutions in architecture that equate to over $3 million in construction.

–  Over 1/3 of our annual billings & revenue in design for “Aging in Place”.

–  Published Author of our first national book on Aging in Place


Over the last 3-4 years, we have grown the “Aging in Place” segment of our business to over 35% of our residential architectural services at ADM Architecture in Seattle, Wa.  Sometimes our expertise in this industry is the specific reason for the client to contact us to help them with their custom home or residential remodel/addition.  Other times, once we meet a client, it’s our active listening and the resulting discussions with the client that lead to integration of Aging-in-Place and Universal Design solutions within their project.

This focused industry research and industry segment-specific work has resulted in over $3 million in residential design projects construction valuation, and it equates to now over 1/3 of the residential design work we do as an architect in our own firm.  This percentage has grown continuously for the last 3 years in a row in our business, and is now coupled with book sales revenues, and paid speaking engagements to other industry professionals at national events.  

This education and positioning in our industry didn’t come about by accident.  It has come from having a business plan to reach this level of industry awareness.  It has come from calculated, persistent, and constant efforts on a daily basis over 3+ years.  As a result of these efforts, we have reached the following milestones of accomplishment:

– We have authored and published our first national book release.  

– We have been interviewed for articles and written articles for national publications.

– We have been invited to speak on stage with other industry experts at a national conference event level.

– We invited (and had them accept) other national thought leaders to a National Experts Webinar we’ve hosted.

– We have been invited to be a part of hosting a once local radio show, which is now a national web-based weekly radio show where we interview industry experts from across the U.S.  

– We are a top contributor on multiple industry specific blogs and LinkedIn groups.



So, if you would like to learn how to reach this level in your own “Aging in Place” business, get in touch with us today to schedule your group coaching session in one of the following formats

BizGrowthChart1-on-1 Business Coaching – Available nationally and internationally!


Video Webinar, Conference Call Meetings, Google Hangouts, and similar formats based on session size and subject matter



Packages & Rates, One-on-One Consultations:  Pricing varies by length of consulting session timelines.  Contact us for rate sheet and additional information!




Please fill out our “contact us” page, and use the subject “AIP Biz Consulting”