A Barrier Free “Parent” Addition – Creating Much More Than Just Additional Square Feet

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Do you have 12 extra feet in your side yard?  What If I told you how you could save yourself and (or) your parents $500,000 by using it effectively?  Interested?  Great, read on…

I read a blog on a barrier-free addition that I though was done pretty successfully from what I can tell by the images, and I thought I’d share the link to it, and my thoughts on it.

Tom Schiebout, President of Tomco Company, Inc. located in Andover, MN talks about a “Barrier Free In-Law Suite” – So, What did the client do RIGHT in this scenario?

As a child Baby Boomer dealing with an elder parent (or maybe a 40-something child of a “front end” baby boomer), when considering the options available for their parents as the required next step in a housing solution was in front of them for resolution, the client:

1) Had an open mind about the potential for solutions on their property and potentially attached to their own home.  It can be tough at times to “see the forest through the trees”, and this situation and time in our lives is very emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting.  It can be hard to come at a solution with your eyes wide open.  Sometimes that can be quite literally due to sleep deprivation, as we are balancing our own lives, plus at times our own children (tagged “The Sandwich Generation”), and now somehow finding hours in our day to help with our parents before we’ve even reached this point of needing a new housing solution.

2) Hired a professional do come do an “in home assessment” in consideration of the possibility (and truth many times) that the most cost effective housing solution may be to modify their own home so that their folks can move onto their property (NOTE: I was very intentional in NOT saying “moved into their house”, as we both know that for the “longest term” solution, both parties’ privacy and as much independence as possible should remain in tact while solving the need for proximity or immediate adjacency).  Trust me, that’s a “WIN/WIN” solution for all involved, and a smart move for the relationship, if it’s feasible based on the amount of nursing or care, and ADL (Activities of Daily Living) assistance needs by the parents.

I’m happy to hear and proud of this contractor’s client and his story of someone who considered options that are both “inside” and “outside” the box.  They thought about a Nursing Home / Assisted Living as well, but it wasn’t the only thing they recognized as a possible solution for their folks moving out of their own house.  My guess is that one of the “tipping points” in this choice was the COST SAVINGS of an “Aging In Place” design resolution.

Many of our clients do this, and with the experience (Over 15 years in Architecture, and over 1 million square feet of designed and permitted projects) and training we have (Certified Aging in Place Specialist – CAPS by NAHB & AARP), we can help guide you through the process of making your home work and become your “Forever Home” for you or a loved one that is needing to move to be with or near you.  Also we have training in similarly used terms related to what’s being termed “inclusive design” that works better for all that use it – clients, caregivers, and visitors alike.  Some of these design terms include “Universal”, “Adaptable”, “Barrier-Free”, and “Accessible” in the world of architecture and construction, design and interiors.

I’ve written a white paper recently, touting right in the title, “There is $500,000 Hiding in Your Home”, and I go on to show the cost of a major remodel and part-time in-home care ($21/hr. x 20 hrs a week) coupled with the remodel loan payment ($150K loan @ 5%) vs. the national average for a nursing home or assisted living unit (room) on a monthly basis.  Based on your local markets, somewhere between 10-15 years later, you’d have saved FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in creating a “Forever Home” by remodeling for yourself or your folks!!!

Did your Financial Planner tell you about THAT?  If they didn’t share that with you (knowing the two largest financial decisions you’ll make after age 50 are Medical and Housing), should you really be calling them your “Trusted Advisor”?  Have them contact me – info@EmpoweringTheMatureMind.com or Aaron@ADM-architecture.com .  Statistically it’s being said that 7 out of every 10 people will run out of money within 10 years of when they retire!  Your Financial Planners and Retirement Asset Managers should know about our research, our findings, and know about us as a resource for them and their clients!  Please, pass this on to those that “take care of” your money.  It could make all the difference in your lifestyle and the success of your retirement years.

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